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Slide On 79 is a bar that’s playful, vibrant, edgy and dynamic ~ symbolising the pulse and nuances that keep you mesmerised by Hong Kong’s buzzing night life scene.

We’ve brought together the boldness of Pop Art, modern lines and geometric shapes, the coolness of metal and marble to create a space which represents the diversity and rhythm of Hong Kong!

Slide On 79 provides a relaxing bar experience in the early evening before transforming into a high energy bar and lounge vibe until late night. For all you rugby, cricket, football, formula one, tennis and golf fans – we've got LIVE screening of all major sporting events.

A wide selection of Signature & Bespoke Cocktails, Fine Wines and a range of Spirits await you with bar food specially curated to suit every palate. Take advantage of after work drinks with Happy Hours every day until 9pm.

Located on the corner of Wyndham Street and the steps of Pottinger Street, Slide On 79 draws you in from the busy streets of Central Hong Kong into a capsule of abandon, energy and frolic.